By 04.13.15

Scout Hehring is the latest victim to the celebrity hacking scandal. And it looks like her good girl image is going to be destroyed with just one video. Hackers mentioned her photos would be released with the next dump but nothing noteworthy aside from a few pictures of her partying would be included. Things didn't surface until not even a few hours ago and it looks like "The Collective" had a surprise up their sleeves. Things don't look good for The Amazing Spider-Man actress.

Thanks to a tip, we learned that the video and pictures were posted to an anonymous message board. The pictures aren't too damaging alone. The real doozy is the video which features Hehring in plain view leaning over and snorting powder off of a table. Another poster was able to confirm that it is in fact Hehring, due to a tattoo on her ribcage that is visible when she lifts her shirt at one point. Original poster also stressed that the video did not come from Hehring's phone and the others in the video could not be identified. I won't go into detail about the rest of the 4 minute and some change video.

No word from her camp yet but it's highly likely they will work quick in an attempt to diffuse the situation.


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