brittany "scout" hehring • march 1, 1988 (27) • single • resides in new york city/los angeles


Fishing, hunting, camping, and tree climbing were all typical hobbies not expected for a little girl who had dreams of making it big in Hollywood. But that was the exact mixture that Brittany Hehring was. Appropriately nicknamed Scout by her grandfather for her tomboyish ways, the little girl fell in love with the big screen the first time she had watched Titanic. Right during the iconic "I'm flying!" scene, Brittany jumped up and declared to her mother that she was going to be an actress and marry Leonardo Dicaprio, of course. Shocked by the announcement but never one to deem her children's dreams silly or out of reach, she enrolled her daughter in acting classes by the end of the month.

The classes led to roles in theater productions around the Portland area. And those roles led to the directors praising her and insisting to her parents that she had something special. If the girl wanted to be an actress, they needed to get out to Los Angeles.. yesterday. Packing up a family and moving to another state for a preteen's dreams wasn't a logical decision to make at all but that's when her grandfather, Jack, stepped in. Knowing just how much his granddaughter loved acting and seeing that same fire in her eyes on stage as she had when she was casting a reel into a lake or making it to the top of the tallest tree in her backyard, he vowed to do anything to get her to where she wanted to be. Months later she was kissing her parents goodbye and moving to a small apartment in the Los Angeles area with her grandfather.

Breaking into the industry was not an easy feat though. Audition after audition, Brittany seemed to only be landing small commercials and short-lived television roles. She did manage to be cast as a lead in a Lifetime movie, but that's as far as her hard work had gotten her by her senior year in high school. Feeling discouraged, she wanted to throw in the towel. In came Jack, stepping in and refusing to let his granddaughter give up on her dream just because things didn't happen overnight for her. The two came to an agreement, taking a break and going to college to further her education was the best remedy. It certainly didn't hurt that Brittany had been a moderate achiever in her studies despite her struggles in the acting world. However, it was her audition showcase that set her apart from her grades. NYU was calling and with a focus on the dramatic arts, it was only time before she really began to perfect her craft.

Feeling renewed and ready to take on the industry again, she delved right back into auditioning her senior year of college. And this time, the results were much different. They still weren't the roles that she had dreamed of, but a supporting role in a teen comedy was just what she needed to get her foot into Hollywood's door. Unfortunately tragedy had struck just as filming for Easy A was about to begin, her grandfather passed away suddenly. It was hard but Brittany kept her composure and made it through filming and deciding to pay tribute to Jack the best way she knew how. Brittany Hehring professionally and personally became Scout Hehring, to honor the man who never gave up on her and was her biggest supporter, the reason why she was still acting.

Jack must have approved and been looking down and watching over her, because the roles came in and her auditions were successful. But the biggest success came when she had beat out some of young Hollywood's leading actresses and won the role of Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot. With the announcement came overnight celebrity, a thing that she hadn't exactly had a taste of yet. Scout loved the attention. She soaked it up, flaunting herself around and doing what she could to get a story written about her.

However, the laws of gravity work in Hollywood as well, what goes up must come down. A public and messy breakup led to the distaste of the celebrity that she had grown to love so much. She was sick of being hounded and questioned and it caused her to retreat away, only making required appearances for promotions and the like. But it's hard to give up an addiction and Scout still struggles to find a balance between the attention she loves and even craves, and the desire for people to get off her back. It's dealt with and worked on on a day-to-day basis as the movie roles continue to come in for her. She didn't lie to her mother that one night back in their living room, but she still has some work to do on Leonardo Dicaprio.
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  • despite having been on television and in movies before, scout's break into the business was the role of gwen stacy. she was relatively unknown and irrelevant before being cast.

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