ONTD: Oh No They Didn't!

7:54 pm - 08/27/2015

ione james fans turn on scout herring

Scout Herring taking tickets to fans outside the Staples Center Aug 26th

Last night the internet was #notsoblessed with grainy and blurry Instagram pictures of Scout and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actor Desmund Rowe at the Ione James concert. Apparently they were in the crowd at some point and some of their "PDA" was caught by creepy, stalker fans. Any sane person can't even tell if it's actual PDA or not considering the pictures are all of shitty quality (just like the Disneyland pictures from a few weeks ago) but they were enough to piss off quite a few fans.

In case anyone is unaware, there's are some Ione fans that believe she is in a secret relationship with Desmund Rowe. They operate under the hashtag #romesisreal and are quite embarrassing. I'm going to also take a leap here and say they are delusional. A lot of tweets on and off all day about how Scout is the ultimate betrayer and Ione needs to rewrite Bad Blood about the actress. Scout's been pretty quiet all day but now #byescout is trending on Twitter and she's talking:

Update: The princess has spoken and Scout has deleted most of her tweets.

Have you ever been accused of being a homewrecker to a fake relationship, ONTD?

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