9:32 am - 03/09/2016

Lionsgate is Thirsty for Oscars- Pushes back La La Land

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Lionsgate has pushed back La La Land from it's original July 15th release date to a limited release on December 2nd and a wide release on December 16th. The shift has caused many to suspect that the studio is planning a major Oscar campaign for Damien Chazelle's second film. His 2014 dark horse Whiplash picked up five nominations and three statues at 2015's awards.

- Will now go up against Star Wars: Rogue One and some Will Smith film (this is either really stupid or genius)

- Leaves the Ghostbusters reboot with no direct competition this summer

- Is now a shoo-in for the Golden Globes comedy/musical category

- Black Label Media has joined as a co-fianancer after their Sicaro collaboration

- Academy Award Winners J.K. Simmons and John Legend also star in the film

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i wonder if james fornarola is shitting himself right now. scout herring for best actress 2k17? what do you think, ontd?
11:14 pm - 03/08/2016

Princess of Walking out in West Hollywood

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mava szalinski seems like the nicest and most pretentious celeb, like if f scott fitzgerald wrote a disney character. ontd, can you explain this precious pretentious (hopefully not problematic) princess to me??
9:49 am - 03/13/2016

Scout Herring Snapchats her Goodies

  • 10 snaps in total appeared late last night (early this morning?) on Scout's public story, ranging from her dancing suggestively in just a t-shirt to her tatas (and the rest of her body) on full display

  • She deleted them about 15 minutes later, but of course, users were able to grab them and get them on the internet quickly

  • Probably were meant to be private snaps for Desmund Rowe but there are some people thinking she did it on purpose


I won't post the pictures and videos here, they're all over Reddit. Do you think it was intentional or not?
6:28 pm - 02/14/2016

Director Daddy did an AMA

ONTD's fav pretentious film school professor fantasy subject Elliot Szalinski did an AMA today. In it he:

  • Talked about his new movie Everybody Wants Some being a "first weekend at college" movie

  • Said the new documentary about him Elliot Szalinski: Dream is Destiny felt "very awkward" but said it was "cool that anybody would be interested in me and not just my movies"

  • Confirmed he's single for Valentine's Day!!!!!!! And said "ha ha" at the person who asked lmao

  • Basically endorsed Bernie Sanders for prez, said he "feels the Bern" and "wishes the media would focus more on politics than rhetoric" and then Reddit jizzed all over him

  • Said he hasn't seen the Suicide Squad trailer and "doesn't know anything about the movie" but told everyone to watch Mava's movie Mistress America and said seeing her in it made him cry

  • Talked about "not ruling out revisiting Jesse and Celine at age 50 or so" for a 4th Before film but added that he's also okay with it if it ends up just being a trilogy

  • Agreed that #OscarsSoWhite is a bigger issue than the Academy, said that people who tell marginalized groups to "just make their own content" have no idea what an uphill battle it is

11:06 am - 02/26/2016

Scout Herring cast in crime thriller

( w/ her very tall boyfriend + a wardrobe change )


lmao pap pics of mava always make me feel bad because she routinely looks so distressed in all of them, but this is a cute v-day vacation so can we turn this into a dream romantic vacation post?
3:44 am - 02/03/2016

Ione James and friends go to a Jack's Mannequin concert

Ione James Canada

Ione is in Mava's snap story from tonight, it looks like they're at an Andrew McMahon show in NYC!

Somebody on Twitter ripped and compiled this ^ series of videos all from Mava Szalinski's (private?) snapchat, plus there's some more stalkery bigfoot style photos from Twitter/Instagram.

( Ione: she's just like us )

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ONTD, when was the last time you third wheeled a date?
8:19 pm - 01/31/2016

Weekly Hamilton Round Up!

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