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Scout Herring; Red Carpet Interview

Scout Herring arrives at the Premiere of Black Mass at Venice Film Festival on September 4th, 2015.
Anonymous SAID:
what happened at the press conference? i couldn't watch the stream.

Scout seemed really nervous from the beginning. She knocked her water bottle over as soon as she sat down and had a lot of problems with the microphone and headphones they were using to hear the translations of the questions. Most of the questions were for Johnny (as expected, it is HIS movie afterall), but Scout was asked how it felt to portray a real life person. She said she "enjoyed it. It was new for me to study someone's mannerisms and motives, definitely a challenge. I was never actually able to meet Lindsey but I watched and read a lot of the interviews she had given after she had come out saying she had been Bulger's common-law wife at one point in time." She was then asked how she felt about Sienna Miller being cut from the film when it had so few female roles to begin with. She looked shocked at the question and gave the same answer as she did whenever she was asked about Mary Jane being cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, that she has no comment on decisions made behind the scenes before director Scott Cooper jumped in and took over explaining the decision to cut Miller from the film. I think she ended up frustrated over the headphone issues because towards the end she just tossed them to the side and gave up on listening to any of the questions.

Scout Herring attends Black Mass Press Conference with Johnny Depp

Black Mass Reviews

There was an early morning press screening of Black Mass in Venice. Reviews are starting to trickle in, here are some highlights:

• Audience erupted in applause not once but twice at the end of the film, apparently there is a footnote at the end that you need to stick around for

• Best performance of Depp's career

• Scout's described as "superb as usual" and "again makes something out of nothing as Bulger's baby mama"

• Every single actor in the film is being praised for their work

• All in agreement that the film is a big time contender for awards season

Everything is linked below but warning that some include spoilers so read at your own risk!

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Scout Herring attends Miu Miu Women's Tales Dinner @ 72nd Venice Film Festival

scoutherring; ciao italia!

Black Mass Film Festival Roundup

• Venice Film Festival

• Telluride

• Toronto International Film Festival

• Zurich Film Festival

• London Film Festival



- Scott Cooper (CIAK Magazine 2015)