Interviewer: Did you just have your phone out? Were you on your phone?
Scout Herring: Yeah! Ione wanted to see the red carpet so I was showing her. Is that allowed? Am I going to get in trouble? Oh well.
I: Is this your first time in Venice? How are you liking the city?
SH: Yeah, it is my first time in the city. You know, it's a really sexy city, I'm finding. I don't know, I need to come back here when I have a lot of time to enjoy it and see everything. It's a shame I'm only here for a few days.
I: So the reason you're here, Black Mass the World Premiere. You're on the red carpet right now, how are you feeling?
SH: Um, I don't even believe I have words that would describe all of the emotions I'm feeling. I know I'm talking to you right now but I'm absolutely speechless over this. For some reason this premiere is so special and incredible, the biggest night of my life, for sure. I keep looking around and trying to take everything in but I really need someone to just pinch me.
I: This film is going to be hitting the festival circuit hard in the upcoming weeks. Do you have plans to go to any of the other festivals?
SH: That's still all up in the air. I'm working on La La Land now and Damien Chazelle and the production team were very gracious to let go of me for a few days so I would be able to experience this. It depends on the schedule of that commitment first. We'll see!
I: What can you tell us about your character?
SH: Lindsey is the girlfriend of Jimmy at one point in the film. They also have a son together. She's somewhat of a tormented soul, you know, being with and loving this man who does these monstrous things. Very sad and she suffers from something incredibly tramuatic and devastating during the film. It was an honor being asked to be a part of this.
I: Is it true that you didn't audition for the role?
SH: No, yeah, you're right. I didn't. Scott Cooper isn't a fan of the auditioning process and he had actually gotten in contact with me and before I knew it we were sitting down over lunch together and we talked. The next week I was having lunch again with him and Johnny. And here we are.
I: And here you are. You look beautiful, by the way. I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier but you did take my breath away a bit when you walked up.
SH: Oh wow, stop. But thank you. I can't take credit for any of this because I have a really amazing team that gets me ready for this type of thing. I never look this good in real life. So it's special to feel Old Hollywood glam for a night.
I: I know you need to get in there so you better go and do that! It was very nice to meet you and congratulations!
SH: Thank you so much. Nice to meet you as well!