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Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 32s shoutout to holli bennett. wise words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGIUtLO_x8g         11         75        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 40s BE KIND. i promise you that it gets more accomplished or you could even "mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy"         68         101        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 2m bc no one is telling you it's wrong. where the fuck are your parents do they not even give a shit? my mom would've skinned me alive         22         245        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 3m go ahead and voice your opinion on that, but don't attack a human being. i'm worried for the other people you could treat this way one day         233         689        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 3m please don't act in this manner on social media. you'll be embarrassed and regret it later. you don't have to like or agree with something         211         567        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 4m i can assure you that i did not betray my best friend. that isn't even something i'm capable of. i love her as much as you do         105         480        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 5m and edgy? it doesn't change something you don't like. you aren't a badass behind a screen. kindess is actually a badass thing jsyk         276         774        
Scout Herring @scoutherring ∙ 6m but i've never ever gotten death threats or just been plain insulted over the person i'm dating until today. it doesn't make you cool         22         245        
Ione James @ionejames ∙ 8m Harassment isn't cool. Please respect the people I love & each other.         1,987         2406